Editorial service

Co-editor, book series Language and Social Processes (DeGruyter, 2014 to present)

Editorial Board, Language and Intercultural Communication (Multilingual Matters, 2001-2004)

Editorial Board, Language in Society (Cambridge, 2017-present)

Editorial Board, Critical Discourse Studies (Routledge, 2013-present)

Editorial board, Sociolinguistic Studies (Equinox, 2015-present)

Editorial Board, Journal of Computer Mediated Communication (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008-present)

Editorial Board, Language@Internet (Independent, 2008-present)

Editorial Board, Discourse, Context and Media (Elsevier, May 2011-present)

International Advisory Board, Language and Intercultural Communication (Taylor & Francis, 2010-present)

Senior Research Associate, Center for Intercultural New Media Research (2011-present)